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Exclusive old Chandeliers

​The Chandelier Shop

Let me introduce myself.


I am Jolanda de Vries and I am an independent entrepreneur. My parents gave me the love for antique items. My father was a restorer of antique furniture and I started restoring and selling old Chandeliers. This is already 31 years ago.

First I was at antique fairs and markets and I sold from my own house. I also had a garage box.

The chandeliers were very low because of the low ceiling, so I was glad that I could rent a nice business space at the Turfsingel.

Since 22 years I have this business space at the Turfsingel 15 in Groningen.

I can hang the Chandeliers beautifully and the customers can quietly view the chandeliers.


Now with the internet era, I also have a website. The clients can prepare for the website and then view the Chandeliers with me. You can also order smaller chandeliers through the webshop. These will then be sent to your address.


As a service I also visit the customers at home to see how the Chandelier looks. I often take 2 with me. Then the customer can choose. This is experienced as pleasant, because there is often a doubt as to how big the chandelier should be.


I am open on Saturday for the viewing and for the sale of the Chandeliers. You can also make an appointment at a different time.

Every day I am restoring and looking for beautiful Chandeliers. The Chandeliers are authentic and fit both in an old and in a new interior.


I also restore chandeliers from private individuals and companies. Or I clean your chandelier. Especially when moving it is nice to have a clean chandelier in your new home again.

Ask for a quotation in advance.


Come and have a look in the store and be surprised by the beautiful Chandeliers.

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